Whatsapp Policy

Dr Deepanshu Gupta uses WhatsApp messaging facility to provide minor guidance to its patients whenever required. For any major requirement, you need o contact them and book an appointment. Whatsapp messages can be used by patients for sharing reports and clearing basic doubts, however, patients are requested to understand their responsibilities when using this medium.

    • Patients are requested to send the prescription picture along with their query.
    • We are not allowed to prescribe medicine via Whatsapp according to the medical council.
    • Kindly ask all questions in minimum messages, I will answer all at once when time permits.
    • Reply from my side can take tike due to the packed schedule. If your query is not answered within 24 hours please send me a reminder message on WhatsApp.
    • You are requested not to send personal messages on Whatsapp.
    • In case of emergency please do not rely on Whatsapp and contact for emergency help on an immediate basis even if you don’t have an appointment. You may also contact the nearby hospital and update me with the proceedings if I am not able to come to the centre.