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What Is Phimosis/Tight Foreskin/Tight Frenulum?

The phimosis occurs when the foreskin is too tight to be pulled back over the penis’ head (glans). Phimosis is common in babies and toddlers, but it can also be the outcome of a scarring skin disorder in older children. Unless it creates symptoms, it is usually not an issue.

It is very much advisable to get your treatment related to tight foreskin/phimosis/ Tight Frenulum done with experts tight foreskin/phimosis treatment in Gurgaon provider Dr Deepanshu Gupta(MCh).

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Tight Foreskin also known as Phimosis or Tight Frenulum is a painful concern among males. This happens due to various reasons. The treatment like surgical treatment for tight foreskin is a very popular and accepted choice among various sections of society. 

You can solve all your concerns with Dr Deepanshu Gupta who has vast experience in successfully treating and providing a safe and cost friendly tight foreskin or Phimosis treatment in Gurgaon . He has also treated more than 20,000+ patients in his field.

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