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What Is Kidney Stone?

Kidney stones are mineral and salt deposits that grow inside your kidneys. these stones should be treated as a priority by top urologist such as Dr Deepanshu Gupta, who provide the best Kidney Stone Treatment In Gurgaon and had performed 9000+ surgeries to date.

Kidney stones can be caused by a variety of factors, including diet, excess body weight, certain medical conditions, and certain supplements and drugs. From your kidneys to your bladder, kidney stones can harm any section of your urinary tract.

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Every problem is unique and the same is true for Kidney stones. Every kidney stone is different based on its size and severity and its treatment shall also be customized according to the severity of symptoms and economics. You can solve all your concerns with Dr Deepanshu Gupta who has vast experience in successfully treating 20,000+ patients. He is well known as the Best Kidney Stone Treatment In Gurgaon provider.

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